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増田 喜嘉(ますだ よしか)・チェロ








メキシコ・フアレス響、マンチェスター・ベートーヴェン管、シェフィールド室内管、ミルトン市管、北クィーンズランド響、ウェストレイク・ヴィレッジ響、YMFデビュー・オーケストラなどと協奏曲を共演、好評を博す。現代音楽の分野でも数々の世界初演、またイェルグ・ヴィットマンの八重奏曲、細川俊夫の「ランドスケープ II」のアメリカ初公演を手掛ける。




クラシック音楽以外のジャンルにも興味を持ち、Pink MartiniやBen Foldsと共演する他、2016年にリリースされたレナード・コーエンの最後のアルバムにも出演している。






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"Cellist Yoshika Masuda and pianist Alice Xu brought refreshing verve and meticulous to Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro, Op.70"

​Fred Bouchard, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

"As [Yoshika Masuda]'s bow glides across the strings, the audience is enamored with every note, every sound."

Alexa D'Angelo, Ventura County Star

"Yoshika Masuda made the intricacies and the sudden avant-garde changes of style in Krzysztof Penderecki's classic "Capriccio per Siegfried Palm," a piece once thought nearly unplayable, seem unusually good natured."


Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times


"The soloist for the evening was the Yamaha-sponsored ‘cellist Yoshika Masuda. Gently self-effacing as a person, his sound was ravishing, and he brought life and character to the ‘cello concerto of CPE Bach... Masuda gave a really lovely performance of this fascinating work, well-accompanied by the MKCO under Edwards. Masuda returned to give thoughtful performances of a Japanese folk song adaptation and the gorgeous Allemande from JS Bach’s G major cello suite." 

- Milton Keynes City Orchestra, Sian Edwards


Dr. Roy Tipping, BBC


"The Japanese cellist, Yoshika Masuda, gave a nuanced performance of the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto. He produced a warm, vibrant sound with lovely phrasing. There were magical moments, as when the strings introduced a tip-toe-like theme which continued under the soaring cello line. The final moto perpetual section raced to an exciting climax.

- Debut Orchestra, Lucas Richman


Eileen Wingard, San Diego Jewish World

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